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Appliance Repair

We have all had those days when we push that button to start the washing machine and nothing happens. Or the days when the refrigerator just doesn’t feel as cold as it used to. S & E Appliance Repairs is here for you on those days when nothing seems to be going right with your kitchen or home appliances. Our appliance repair services are second to none in the Bethesda, Maryland area, and have been for over a decade. We are locally-owned and operated out of the Washington, DC area, and offer the most professional team of licensed at-home service members. We service anything and everything from refrigerators to washing machines and everything in between. And we do it all at a price that won’t break your bank.

When your appliances aren’t working properly, it is not only frustrating for you but it disables you to provide for your family in a suitable fashion! We guarantee our appliance repair service with a 100% satisfaction promise so that you know you are not settling for second-rate service. Our technicians are highly trained to handle any appliance in any home so that you don’t feel stranded in the comfort of your own home.


Your home life should be the stable base in the always-changing environment of life around you. That is why we also offer same-day visits from our experts to assure that your appliances are not only fixed properly but are fixed as quickly as possible. And even better than that, we don’t charge extra for evening or weekend visits! We know that appliances never break when you want them to so we make sure our service technicians are there when you need them most. Refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, garbage disposals and everything in between S & E Appliance Repairs is always in Bethesda and just a phone call away.


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